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MOVIE POSTERS - Set the tone & find your audience

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When promoting or marketing your film, summing up the tone and feel of the poster or DVD cover is critical to connect with the potential viewer.
Starting with a few production stills from the movie, a basic proposal is developed to a high standard to distinguish your brand and audience.


My movie poster genre ranges from comedy, fantasy, action, science fiction, documentary, drama and to horror.



VFX REX is passionate about film and visual effects.

But planning is crucial when getting the shot.


storyboards the mark

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Plan and develop your film with shot lists and story boarding for action scenes and for capturing special effects plates for composites post production.


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On 'The Mark', internal and external driving shots are worked out in advance on storyboards and continually used in reference with the driver and camera team.






cosmo vfx


Joe Norman thinks he's an Alien.
I was delighted to contribute with the visual effects team and the motion titles for this Irish sci-fi comedy.

watch the Earthbound trailer

earthbound vfx

COSMO - Astronomy For Children

Monster Animation have created a fantastic preschool cartoon series.
I provide the composites and additional VFX through After Effects.

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adobe creative juices

IDENTS - Branding in motion

Video idents & viral campaigns are critical to raise your company profile. My promos have recently been awarded best use of Social Media

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Canon Gold Award Winner

A day of Irish life in three minutes.
I shot an edited a Freecording short film, winning Canon Gold Award.

Presented by actor Liam Cunningham and Canon Ireland.

warner brothers awards london for THE MARK

Award Nomination 'Anticipation'

'Anticipation' was nominated at Warner Brothers head quarters in London.

Judged by director Shane Meadows of 'This is England'

microfilmmaker award winner for THE MARK

Microfilmmaker Award Winner

An assassin becomes the target.

'The Mark' won the grand prize with Microfilmmaker Magazine. Judged by director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever' & 'Heroes)