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A plum selection of some of my favourite start-up companies worth a visit.

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Media advertising is a powerful promotinal force, has many strategies at its disposal and can speak to hundereds of thousands of potential clients. But it is vital to get the pitch just right to make the difference between the would-be client flicking past the advertisement or making that call.


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Canon Gold Award Winner

Life in Ireland in three minutes.

Awarded by actor Liam Cunningham and Canon Ireland.

warner brothers awards london for THE MARK

Award Nomination 'The Mark'

An assasin caught in a crossfire.

Judged by Digital Video & director Shane Meadows (This is England)

microfilmmaker award winner for THE MARK

Microfilmmaker Award Winners

Grand prize winners for 'The Mark'.

Judged by director John Badham (Saturday Night Fever' & 'Heroes)